New Location for Schrick’s Liquors in Hudson Oaks

Schricks Liquors Store

Schrick's Liquors

Ever walked into a liquor and wondered what you should try?

For 24 years, Keith and Dana Schrick have been recommending high-end champagne, a $5 bottle of wine, or a Belgian Summer Ale.  They carry over 6,000 wines, numerous extreme ales and specialty beers, hard-to-get whiskeys and bourbons, other spirits and bubbly.

Parker County residents, as well as those in-the-know around Texas, are likely familiar with Schrick’s Liquors, located off Highway 180 in Hudson Oaks.  And we’re pleased to announce that Schrick’s will be moving to a brand new building in late July!

New Location for Schrick's Liquors

New Location for Schrick's Liquors

While we tangle over the placement of windows and lighting, this will move at warp speed.  Framing is already up and the construction crew is getting ready to lay the stone. The building will be about 8,500 SF; almost double their current space!

The good news is their new location is very close to their current location.  They’ll still be on Highway 180 - about one mile west at Cinema Drive.  If you’d like more information on Schrick’s Liquors, you can email them at

No one is more knowledgeable about wine than Dana.  And she prides herself on welcoming anyone with any budget into her store.  We hope the new location is worthy of Keith and Dana, and we wish them many more years of success.  Cheers!

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